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Quality Control

Every step of our manufacturing process is double checked by alternating personnel.  From the moment we receive a quote or order, to the moment the part arrives at a customer's door, we do everything possible to make sure orders are filled as quickly and as accurately as possible.

All of our parts are ground to remove sharp edges and slag, cleaned, and labeled with an easily-removable sticker.  The sticker includes the company name, customer purchase order number, item number, customer part number, total quantity, material type, and overall dimensions

While we are very proud of our burning operators, occasionally a part may become gouged during the burning process due to an unforeseen circumstance.  This happens most on heavy-gauged materials.  In the event of a gouge or nick in a part, our grinders and certified welders will repair the part and restore it to its true shape, holding our accuracies and high standards of production.  Some customers do not wish to have parts repaired, as in the case of certain material types or applications.  If this is the case, please notify us at the time of placing an order to not weld repair any parts on the order.

We have an extensive drafting and checking system.  All of our parts are generated from CAD software, which originate from customer drawings or customer electronic files.  Our draftsmen are trained to draw and check their own work, and then pass their work onto another draftsmen for additional checking.  Also, we thoroughly check customer files against purchase orders to insure nothing is improperly scaled, drawn, or counted incorrectly.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the most prompt, accurate, and accommodating service in the flame-cutting industry.