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Plasma Machines

Controller: Hypertherm
​Type: Plasma
Table Size: 120"x360"
​Number of torches:  1

Controller: Hypertherm

Type: Plasma

Table Size: 192"x720"

Number of torches: 2

             (1 torch, 1 bevel head)

High Definition Plasma Cutting

We have a Hypertherm high definition plasma cutter able to process up to 1.25" thick mild steel and 3/4" stainless steel.  Much like our CNC controlled burning machines, the Hypertherm machine uses CAD drawings and nesting software to generate a cutting program which is entered into the controller to process parts.  The plasma machine is able to process more detailed parts, and at a quicker pace than a regular burning machine.  Also, due to the plasma process, not as much heat is required as a burning machine, so we are able to burn thinner gauges without excessive warping or distortion.