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Gantry Machine

"C" Machine
Controller: Burny 10
Type:  Oxyfuel
Table Size:  14' x 25'
‚ÄčNumber of torches:  6

Cantilever Machines

"A" Machine
Controller: Burny Phantom
Type: Oxyfuel
Table Size: 8' x 40'
Number of torches:  5

"B" Machine
Controller: Burny Phantom
Type:  Oxyfuel
Table Size:  9' x 24'
Number of torches:  5

Custom Flame Cutting

We have three cutting tables:  two cantilever-style machines, and one gantry-style machine. Our tables are used for custom precision flame cutting, stripping, and shape burning. All of our burning machines are CNC controlled and are capable of utilizing CAD-generated files. We are also able to perform beveling if required.